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Lars Grael

Lars Grael


Back in 1998 the athlete was stopped by a motor craft crashing on his catamaran and ultimately causing Lars to lose his right leg. To overcome such a trauma takes much determination, but to recover fully world-wide competitiveness takes astonishing drive, resilience and intelligence: Lars is such man.

Throughout his life Lars Grael has embarked actively in the political and social life of his home country Brazil, taking responsibility for several prestigious positions and ensuring sport promotion as means to improve the society at large.

After losing the leg Lars has widened even farther his interests, going to Africa and caring for those childs that have fallen victims to land mines.

Lars is married to Renata Pellicano and has three kids: Trine, Nicholas and Sofia. A caring father, a loving husband, a determined disabled and a winning athlete: this is what the man is all about. Sheer passionate energy!

Lars Grael started his sport career very early on with brother Torben, as their father was a passionate athlete. The youngsters grew up as passionate sportsmen, and almost by chance they approached the world of sailing.

Lars started sailing on small boats like the Optimist and Pinguim classes. Later, with Torben at the helm, he started competing in the Snipe class, where they conquered twice the Brazilian and once the World titles.

Soon after in the Tornado class, the very fast Olympic catamaran, Lars took two bronze medals in the Olympic Games of Seoul 1988 and Atlanta 1996.

These go hand in hand with five titles of South America championship, ten titles of Brazilian championship, and several international regattas like Kiel, in Germany. Lars also represented Brazil at the Olympic Games of Los Angeles 1984 (7th) and Barcelona 1992 (8th).

More recently Lars has raced in the Star Class winning once again the South American Star Championship in 2005 and in 2008.

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